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For the benefit of anyone who might find it useful, here is an (unofficial) list of all the cover-mounted CDs that have accompanied the BBC Music magazine since the first issue in September 1992.
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If you would like the information in an order other than chronological, just download the Excel (spreadsheet) file and you can re-order and manipulate the data to your heart's content.

Note to past and regular users

As well as regular updates, we occasionally make additions and corrections in response to user feedback. Please download the documents at the foot of this page for the latest versions.

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December 2017

11September1992BBCMM101TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 6 'Pathetique'BBCSO / A Davis
11September1992BBCMM101BRITTENSinfonia da RequiemBBCSO / Wigglesworth
12October1992BBCMM102BRUCKNERSymphony 9BBCPO / Klee
13November1992BBCMM103NIELSENSymphony 2 'The Four Temperaments'BBCSO / A Davis
13November1992BBCMM103SIBELIUSSymphony 5BBCSO / Bamert
14December1992BBCMM104GOMBERTThree motetsBBC Singers / Holten
14December1992BBCMM104TRADITIONALFour traditional songsBBC Singers / Joly
14December1992BBCMM104BRAHMSMarienliederBBC Singers / Joly
14December1992BBCMM104MATHIASAve RexBBC Singers / Joly
15January1993BBCMM105STRAUSS RAn Alpine SymphonyBBC Welsh SO / Jansons
16February1993BBCMM106BERLIOZRoman Carnival OvertureBBCCO / Wordsworth
16February1993BBCMM106DUKASThe Sorcerer's ApprenticeBBCCO / Wordsworth
16February1993BBCMM106RAVELLa ValseBBCCO / Wordsworth
16February1993BBCMM106RAVELBoleroBBCCO / Wordsworth
16February1993BBCMM106CHAUSSONPoeme for violin and orchestraBBCCO / Wordsworth
16February1993BBCMM106DEBUSSYPrelude a l'apre-midi d'un fauneBBCCO / Wordsworth
17March1993BBCMM107RACHMANINOVThe Isle of the DeadBBC Scottish SO / Maksymiuk
17March1993BBCMM107STRAVINSKYPetrushka (1947 version)BBC Scottish SO / Maksymiuk
18April1993BBCMM108PALESTRINAStabat MaterTaverner Consort / Parrott
18April1993BBCMM108PLAINSONGStabat MaterTaverner Choir / Parrott
18April1993BBCMM108LISZTVia CrucisTaverner Choir / Parrott
19May1993BBCMM109MAHLERSymphony 5BBC Welsh SO / Otaka
110June1993BBCMM110HAYDNOperatic AriasSoloists / Lausanne CO / Dorati
111July1993BBCMM111ELGARCello ConcertoCarr / BBCPO / Tortelier
111July1993BBCMM111LLOYDSymphony 9BBCPO / Lloyd
112August1993BBCMM112BACH J SPartita No.2 BWV 826Horszowski
112August1993BBCMM112MOZARTSonata in B flat, K570Horszowski
112August1993BBCMM112SZYMANOWSKIMazurkas, Op.50 13 – 16Horszowski
112August1993BBCMM112CHOPINNocturne, Op.27 1&2Horszowski
112August1993BBCMM112CHOPINMazurka, Op.24/2Horszowski
21September1993BBCMM113BERLIOZSymphonie FantastiqueBBCSO / A Davis
22October1993BBCMM114BARTOKDuke Bluebeard's CastleHowell / Burgess / BBCNOW / Elder
23November1993BBCMM115TCHAIKOVSKYSwan Lake – SuiteROHO / Ermler
23November1993BBCMM115TCHAIKOVSKYNutcracker SuiteROHO / Ermler
24December1993BBCMM116VARIOUSMusic for ChristmasTaverner Consort / Choir / Parrott
25January1994BBCMM117SCHUBERTSymphony 9 'The Great'BBC Scottish SO / Yuasa
26February1994BBCMM118MOZARTViolin Sonata in B flat, K454Pauk / Frankl
26February1994BBCMM118MOZARTViolin Sonata in G, K379Pauk / Frankl
26February1994BBCMM118MOZARTViolin Sonata in A, K526Pauk / Frankl
27March1994BBCMM119BEETHOVENPiano Sonata in B flat 'Hammerklavier'Vogel
27March1994BBCMM119BEETHOVENPiano Sonata Op.111 in C minorVogel
28April1994BBCMM120BRAHMSLiebeslieder WaltzesBBC Singers / Glover
28April1994BBCMM120BRAHMSNeue LiebesliederBBC Singers / Glover
28April1994BBCMM120SPOHRThree Psalms, Op.85BBC Singers / Joly
28April1994BBCMM120MEYERBEERPsalm 91 Qui in manu Dei requiescitBBC Singers / Joly
29May1994BBCMM121RIMSKY-KORSAKOVThe Golden Cockerel: Intro & Wedding MchBBCPO / Tortelier
29May1994BBCMM121RIMSKY-KORSAKOVCapriccio EspagnolBBCPO / Tortelier
29May1994BBCMM121MUSSORGSKYPictures at an ExhibitionBBCPO / Tortelier
210June1994BBCMM122SCHUMANNLiederkreis, Op.39Partridge / Partridge
210June1994BBCMM122SCHUMANNTwelve Poems, Op.35Hemsley / Hamburger
211July1994BBCMM123WALTONSymphony 1BBCNOW / Otaka
211July1994BBCMM123TAKEMITSUFrom me flows what you call TimeBBCSO / A Davis
212August1994BBCMM124MAHLERSymphony 10BBCNOW / Wigglesworth
31September1994BBCMM125VARIOUSBBC Singers – 70 YearsBBC Singers / Various Conductors
32October1994BBCMM126BRAHMSClarinet Sonata in F minor Op.120/1Cohler / Gordon
32October1994BBCMM126BRAHMSClarinet Sonata in E flat, Op.120/2Cohler / Hodgkinson
32October1994BBCMM126VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSix Studies in English Folk SongCohler / Gordon
32October1994BBCMM126MILHAUDDuo ConcertanteCohler / Gordon
33November1994BBCMM127RACHMANINOVSymphony 2BBCPO / Downes
34December1994BBCMM128VARIOUSMusic for the Festive SeasonVienna Boys Choir
35January1995BBCMM129PURCELLDido and AeneasSoloists / Taverner C&P / Parrott
36February1995BBCMM130TIPPETTSymphony 2BBCSO / Tippett
36February1995BBCMM130TIPPETTSymphony 4BBCSO / Tippett
37March1995BBCMM131WAGNERWesendonck SongsEvans / BBCNOW / Otaka
37March1995BBCMM131WAGNERGotterdammerung – excerptsEvans / BBCNOW / Otaka
38April1995BBCMM132SHOSTAKOVICHCheryomushkiPimlico Opera Cast & Orchestra
39May1995BBCMM133BEETHOVENString Trio Op. 9 no.1 in GBeethoven String Trio – London
39May1995BBCMM133BEETHOVENString Trio Op. 9 no.3 in C minorBeethoven String Trio – London
39May1995BBCMM133SCHUBERTTrio Movement in B flat, D471Beethoven String Trio – London
310June1995BBCMM134SCHUMANNHumoreske, Op.20Cooper
310June1995BBCMM134SCHUMANNKreisleriana, Op.16Cooper
310June1995BBCMM134BRAHMSSeven Fantasias, Op.116Cooper
311July1995BBCMM135WALTONPortsmouth Point OvertureBBCNOW / Atherton
311July1995BBCMM135BRITTENFour Sea InterludesBBCNOW / Atherton
311July1995BBCMM135MUSSORGSKYPrelude to KhovanshchinaBBCNOW / Atherton
311July1995BBCMM135LYADOVKikimoraBBCNOW / Atherton
311July1995BBCMM135STRAVINSKYThe Rite of SpringBBCNOW / Atherton
312August1995BBCMM136BEETHOVENSymphony 3 'Eroica'BBCPO / Kovacevich
312August1995BBCMM136SCHUBERTSymphony 8 'Unfinished'BBCPO / Herbig
41September1995BBCMM137SMETANAVltavaBBCSO / Tausky
41September1995BBCMM137DEBUSSYIberiaBBCNSO / Leppard
41September1995BBCMM137DELIUSNorwegian SuiteBBCCO / Lawrence
42October1995BBCMM138ELGARThe Spanish LadyBBC Scottish SO / Manson
42October1995BBCMM138ELGARSymphony 3 (Sketches from)BBCPO / Tortelier
43November1995BBCMM139SIBELIUSSymphony 2BBC Scottish SO / Maksymiuk
43November1995BBCMM139WALTONSymphony 2BBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
43November1995BBCRRB1BENNETT R RPartita for OrchestraBritten Sinfonia / Cleobury
43November1995BBCRRB1BENNETT R RFour Jazz SongsBennett
43November1995BBCRRB1BENNETT R RSuite from Enchanted AprilOrchestra / Richardson
44December1995BBCMM140VARIOUSMusic for Christmas (Festive music from Europe)Various
45January1996BBCMM141BEETHOVENPiano Trio Op. 97 in B flat, 'Archduke'Frankl / Pauk / Kirshbaum
45January1996BBCMM141DVORAKPiano Trio in E minor, Op.90 'Dumky'Frankl / Pauk / Kirshbaum
46February1996BBCMM142MOZARTSymphony 34 in C, K338LMP / Bamert
46February1996BBCMM142MOZARTSix German Dances, K600LMP / Bamert
46February1996BBCMM142WITTSymphony in C 'Jena'LMP / Bamert
47March1996BBCMM143VARIOUSRecital from 1971 Aldeburgh FestivalBaker / Leppard
48April1996BBCMM44BACH J SMotets BWV 225 – 230BBC Singers / Cleobury
49May1996BBCMM45SCHUMANN ClaraKonzertsatz in F minorAmbache CO & Ensemble / Ambache
49May1996BBCMM45MENDELSSOHN FannyPiano Trio in D minor, Op.11Ambache CO & Ensemble / Ambache
49May1996BBCMM45FARRENCClarinet Trio in E flat, Op.44Ambache CO & Ensemble / Ambache
49May1996BBCMM45GRANDVALDeux PiècesAmbache CO & Ensemble / Ambache
410June1996BBCMM46MOZARTPiano Concerto 9, K271McCawley / BBCPO / Leaper
410June1996BBCMM46BELLINIOboe ConcertoDaniel / BBCPO / Leaper
410June1996BBCMM46WEBERClarinet Concerto 2Collins / BBCPO / Leaper
410June1996BBCMM46STRAUSS FHorn ConcertoPyatt / BBCPO / Leaper
411July1996BBCMM47MARTINUThe Epic of GilgameshSoloists / BBCSO & Chorus / Belohlavek
412August1996BBCMM48BEETHOVENPiano Trio Op. 1 no.2 in GGould Piano Trio
412August1996BBCMM48FAUREPiano Trio in D minor, Op.120Gould Piano Trio
412August1996BBCMM48BRAHMSPiano Trio in C minor, Op.101Gould Piano Trio
51September1996BBCMM49HOLSTThe PlanetsBBCPO / Tortelier
52October1996BBCMM50PROKOFIEVCantata for 20th Anniversary of October RevolutionBBCSO / Chorus / Elder
52October1996BBCMM50SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 2 'To October'BBCSO / Chorus / Elder
53November1996BBCMM51CAVALLICalistoGlimmerglass Opera / Glover
54December1996BBCMM52BACH J SChristmas Oratorio – Part 1Choir New College Oxford / Higginbottom
54December1996BBCMM52BACH J SMagnificat (with Christmas Interpolations)Choir New College Oxford / Higginbottom
55January1997BBCMM53GRIEGSonata for Piano and Cello in A minor, Op.36Han / Finckel
55January1997BBCMM53CHOPINSonata for Piano and Cello in G minor, Op.65Han / Finckel
55January1997BBCMM53SCHUMANNAdagio and Allegro, Op.70Han / Finckel
56February1997BBCMM54VARIOUSRenaissance Love SongsBott / Virelai
57March1997BBCMM55SCHUBERTString Quartet in D minor 'Death and the Maiden'Endellion String Quartet
57March1997BBCMM55SCHUBERTString Quartet in A minor 'Rosamunde'Endellion String Quartet
58April1997BBCMM56BRAHMSSymphony 4BBCSO / A Davis
58April1997BBCMM56BRAHMSZigeunerliederBBC Singers / Parkman
59May1997BBCMM57CHOPINBallade no.1 in G minor, Op.23Vasary
59May1997BBCMM57CHOPINBallade no.2 in F/A minor, Op.38Vasary
59May1997BBCMM57CHOPINBallade no.3 in A flat, Op.47Vasary
59May1997BBCMM57CHOPINBallade no.4 in F minor, Op.52Vasary
59May1997BBCMM57LISZTAnnées de pèlerinage: deuxième année, ItalieVasary
510June1997BBCMM58ARNEAlfredSoloists / OAE / Kraemer
511July1997BBCMM59BEETHOVENSymphony 5BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
511July1997BBCMM59BEETHOVENSymphony 7BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
512August1997BBCMM60DVORAKThe Water GoblinBBCPO / Sinaisky
512August1997BBCMM60DVORAKSlavonic Dance in B, Op.72/1BBCPO / Sinaisky
512August1997BBCMM60DVORAKSymphony 7 in D minorBBCPO / Sinaisky
61September1997BBCMM61BRAHMSViolin ConcertoMenuhin / BBCSO / Boult
61September1997BBCMM61BACH J SPartita for Solo Violin No.3 in EMenuhin
62October1997BBCMM62MOZARTSerenade in B flat for 13 Wind Instruments, K361Wind Soloists of OAE / Halstead
63November1997BBCMM63WAGNERThe Mastersingers of Nuremberg – SuiteBBCNOW / Wigglesworth
63November1997BBCMM63SAINT-SAENSLa Princesse Jaune OvertureBBCCO / Serebrier
63November1997BBCMM63BAXTintagelBBCSO / A Davis
63November1997BBCMM63GERSHWINGirls Crazy OvertureBBCPO / Tortelier
63November1997BBCMM63SAWYERSongs of Love and WarBBC Singers / Instrumentalists / Cleobury
63November1997BBCMM63McGUIRECalgacusWallace / BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
64December1997BBCMM64HANDELMessiah (arranged MOZART)Soloists / HCS / BBCPO / Christophers
65January1998BBCMM65HANDELMessiah (arranged MOZART)Soloists / HCS / BBCPO / Christophers
66February1998BBCMM66NIELSENOverture: MaskaradePhiladelphia / Ormandy
66February1998BBCMM66STRAVINSKYLes nocesSoloists / Choir / Instrumentalists / Stravinsky
66February1998BBCMM66BARBERAdagio for StringsPhiladelphia / Ormandy
66February1998BBCMM66LUTOSLAWSKILes espaces du sommeilShirley-Quirk / LAPO / Salonen
66February1998BBCMM66GLASSFloePhilip Glass Ensemble / Riesman
66February1998BBCMM66TAVENERHymn to the Mother of GodWestminster Abbey Choir / Neary
66February1998BBCMM66TAVENERHymn for the Dormition of the Mother of GodWestminster Abbey Choir / Neary
66February1998BBCMM66TAN DUNSymphony 1997 'Heaven Earth Mankind': Song of PeaceMa / Bells / Choir / Hong Kong PO / Tan Dun
67March1998BBCMM67BORISOVA-OLLASWings of the WindLSO / Harding
67March1998BBCMM67GASPARINIThrough the Looking-GlassLSO / Harding
67March1998BBCMM67HARTKEThe Ascent of the Equestrian in a BalloonLSO / Harding
67March1998BBCMM67MARCHMarine – a travers les arbresLSO / Harding
67March1998BBCMM67VINEDescentLSO / Harding
67March1998BBCMM67LONGTwo Poems from TangLSO / Harding
68April1998BBCMM68VARIOUSThe Grand Tradition – Great Opera VoicesVarious artists
69May1998BBCMM69MENDELSSOHNSymphony 3 'Scottish'BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
69May1998BBCMM69BEETHOVENSymphony 1BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
610June1998BBCMM70BYRDMass for Four VoicesBBC Singers / Holten
610June1998BBCMM70BYRDAve verumBBC Singers / Holten
610June1998BBCMM70TALLISMass 'Puer natus est nobis'BBC Singers / Holten
610June1998BBCMM70TALLISO nata luxBBC Singers / Holten
610June1998BBCMM70TALLISIn jejunioBBC Singers / Holten
610June1998BBCMM70TALLISSuscipe quaesoBBC Singers / Holten
611July1998BBCMM71BACH J SFantasia and Fugue in G minorMarshall
611July1998BBCMM71LISZTFantasia and Fugue on 'Ad nos, ad salutarem undam'Marshall
611July1998BBCMM71BRAHMSFugue in A flat minorMarshall
611July1998BBCMM71BRUNOFugue, Fantasy and ChoraleMarshall
612August1998BBCMM72VARIOUSLast Night of the PromsBBCSO / Sargent
612August1998BBCMM72ROSSINIOverture: Barber of SevilleBBCSO / Sargent
612August1998BBCMM72GRIEGPiano Concerto in A minorBachauer / BBCSO / Cameron
612August1998BBCMM72ELGARPomp and Circumstance March 1 in DBBCSO / Sargent
612August1998BBCMM72WOODFantasia on British Sea SongsBBCSO / Sargent
612August1998BBCMM72ARNERule Britannia!BBCSO / Sargent
612August1998BBCMM72PARRYJerusalemBBCSO / Sargent
71September1998BBCMM73RAVELDaphnis and Chloe – Suite 1LSO / Previn
71September1998BBCMM73RAVELDaphnis and Chloe – Suite 2LSO / Previn
71September1998BBCMM73STRAUSS RDon QuixoteHugh / Silverthorne / LSO / Previn
72October1998BBCMM74BRITTENThe Prodigal SonSoloists / CBTOpera / CBCMG / Halsey
73November1998BBCMM75SCHUBERTString Quintet in C major D956Greenhouse / Vellinger Quartet
74December1998BBCMM76PRAETORIUSIn dulci jubiloBBC Singers / Wallace Collection / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76GABRIELIHodie Christus natus est a 8 BBC Singers / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76GABRIELICanzona VII a 7BBC Singers / Wallace Collection / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76GABRIELIHodie Christus natus est a 10BBC Singers / Wallace Collection / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76GABRIELICanzona XII a 8BBC Singers / Wallace Collection / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76PEARSALLIn dulci jubilo BBC Singers / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76RUTTER (arranged)Quem pastores laudavere BBC Singers / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76RUTTER (arranged)Wexford Carol BBC Singers / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76LLEWELLYN (arranged)London Waits BBC Singers / Cleobury
74December1998BBCMM76CHARPENTIERMesse de minuitBBC Singers / Farr / LBS / Cleobury
75January1999BBCMM77WAGNERSiegfried IdyllMainly Mozart Festival Ensemble / Atherton
75January1999BBCMM77FAURERequiemSoloists / Hong Kong PO / Atherton
76February1999BBCMM78MOZARTPiano Concerto 24, K491Curzon / LMP / Blech
76February1999BBCMM78MOZARTSymphony 41 in C, 'Jupiter', K551LMP / Bamert
76February1999BBCMM78MOZARTScena: Bella mia fiamma, K528Lott / LMP / Glover
77March1999BBCMM79TCHAIKOVSKYThe VoyevodaBBCPO / Otaka
77March1999BBCMM79TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 5BBCPO / Tortelier
78April1999BBCMM80ELGARFroissart – concert overture, Op.19BBCSO / Arnold
78April1999BBCMM80BLISSCheckmate – suiteBBCSO / Del Mar
78April1999BBCMM80VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 4BBC Scottish SO / Del Mar
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANThe Rose of PersiaSouthwark Voices / Hanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANOverture di balloHanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANHMS Pinafore – OvertureHanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANPirates of Penzance – OvertureHanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANThe Mikado – OvertureHanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANThe Yeomen of the Guard – OvertureHanover Band / Higgins
79May1999BBCMM81SULLIVANMacbeth – OvertureHanover Band / Higgins
710June1999BBCMM82FAUREPiano Quartet 1 in C minor, Op.15Schubert Ensemble of London
710June1999BBCMM82FRANCKPiano Quintet in F minorSchubert Ensemble of London
711July1999BBCMM83VAUGHAN WILLIAMSFantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisBBCSO / A Davis
711July1999BBCMM83WALTONBelshazzar's FeastWhite / BBCSO & Choruses / A Davis
712August1999BBCMM84BRAHMSSymphony 2BBCSO / Belohlavek
712August1999BBCMM84MARTINUFrescoes of Piero della FrancescaBBCSO / Belohlavek
81September1999BBCMM85MESSIAENO sacrum convivium!BBC Singers / Cleobury
81September1999BBCMM85CAPLETMesse à trois voixBBC Singers / Jackson
81September1999BBCMM85CAPLETO salutarisBBC Singers / Jackson
81September1999BBCMM85POULENCTwo motets from Motets pour un temps de pénitenceBBC Singers / Cleobury
81September1999BBCMM85FAUREMesse basseBBC Singers / Cleobury / Pearce (organ)
81September1999BBCMM85VILLETTEThree motetsBBC Singers / Jackson
81September1999BBCMM85MESSIAENCinq rechantsBBC Singers / Cleobury
82October1999BBCMM86SCHUBERTOctet in F, D803Michael Collins and friends
82October1999BBCMMMTFIELDThree nocturnesTan
82October1999BBCMMMTCHOPINSeven NocturnesTan
82October1999BBCMMMTDEBUSSYSix preludesTan
83November1999BBCMM87BEETHOVENSymphony 6 'Pastoral'BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
83November1999BBCMM87BEETHOVENSymphony 8BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
84December1999BBCMM88HANDELDixit DominusSoloists / Chorus / I Barocchisti / Fasolis
84December1999BBCMM88VIVALDIGloria, RV589Soloists / Chorus / I Barocchisti / Fasolis
84December1999BBCMMCCVARIOUSChristmas Carols Ancient and ModernBBC Singers / Kaye
85January2000BBCMM89BACH J SViolin Sonata in A, BWV 1015Manze / Egarr / Linden
85January2000BBCMM89BACH J SViolin Sonata in G, BWV 1019Manze / Egarr
85January2000BBCMM89BACH J SToccata and Fugue in A minor for unaccompanied violinManze
85January2000BBCMM89BACH J SViolin Sonata in G, BWV 1021Manze / Egarr
85January2000BBCMM89BACH J SViolin Sonata in C minor, BWV 1024Manze / Egarr / Linden
86February2000BBCMM90SAINT-SAENSSymphony 3 'Organ'Goode / BBCPO / Alsop
86February2000BBCMM90SAINT-SAENSPiano Concerto 2Stott / BBCPO / Alsop
87March2000BBCMM91BEETHOVENPiano Sonata Op. 81a in E flat, 'Les Adieux'Lewis
87March2000BBCMM91MENDELSSOHNSongs Without WordsLewis
87March2000BBCMM91LISZTBagatelle sans tonalitéLewis
87March2000BBCMM91LISZTLa lugubre gondola IILewis
87March2000BBCMM91SCHUBERTPiano Sonata in A minor, D537Lewis
88April2000BBCMM92BERLIOZLe Corsaire OvertureBBCPO / Sinaisky
88April2000BBCMM92BERLIOZLes Nuits D'ÉtéKarnéus / BBCPO / Sinaisky
88April2000BBCMM92BERLIOZRoman Carnival OvertureBBCPO / Sinaisky
88April2000BBCMM92BERLIOZKing Lear OvertureBBCPO / Sinaisky
88April2000BBCMM92BERLIOZHungarian March (from The Damnation of Faust)BBCPO / Sinaisky
89May2000BBCMM93MAHLERSymphony 1BBCSO / Honeck
810June2000BBCMM94PROKOFIEVPeter and the WolfAttenborough D / BBCPO / Tortelier
810June2000BBCMM94BRITTENYoung Person's Guide to the OrchestraTortelier / BBCPO / Tortelier
810June2000BBCMM94STRAUSS RTill Eulenspiegel's lustige StreicheBBCPO / Tortelier
811July2000BBCMM95BEETHOVENString Quartet Op. 18 no.6 in B flat majorJerusalem Quartet
811July2000BBCMM95HAYDNString Quartet, Op. 76 No.4 'Sunrise'Jerusalem Quartet
811July2000BBCMM95SHOSTAKOVICHString Quartet No.8Jerusalem Quartet
812August2000BBCMM96FRANCKSymphony in D minorBBCNOW / Otaka
812August2000BBCMM96CHAUSSONPoeme de l'amour et de la merRoocroft / BBCNOW / Atherton
91September2000BBCMM97RACHMANINOVVespersBBC Singers / Hill
92October2000BBCMM98COPLANDEl Salón MéxicoBBCSO / Slatkin
92October2000BBCMM98COPLANDBilly the KidBBCSO / Slatkin
92October2000BBCMM98COPLANDDanzón CubanoBBCSO / Slatkin
92October2000BBCMM98COPLANDOrgan SymphonyPreston / BBCSO / Slatkin
93November2000BBCMM99VIVALDIConcerto in F for three Violins, RV551Menhuin / D&I Oistrakh / Moscow PO / Kondrashin
93November2000BBCMM99MOZARTString Quartet in B flat,'The Hunt', K458Quartetto Italiano
93November2000BBCMM99SCHUBERTImpromptus, D899 Nos. 2, 3 and 4Cherkassky
94December2000BBCMM100TCHAIKOVSKYThe Sleeping Beauty (extended highlights)BBCPO / Sinaisky
94December2000BBCMMCC02VARIOUSChristmas Through The AgesVarious
95January2001BBCMM201CORELLIConcerto Grosso, Op.6 no.1 in DOAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201CASTRUCCIConcerto Grosso, Op.3 no.12 in DOAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201SCARLATTISinfonia di Concerto Grosso No.2 in C minorOAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201HANDELSonata del overtura (to Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno)OAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201VIVALDIConcerto in F, RV572 (Il Proteo o sia il mondo al rovescio)OAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201GEMINIANIConcero Grosso No.12 in D minor 'La Follia'OAE / Mackintosh
95January2001BBCMM201STRADELLASonata di violeOAE / Mackintosh
96February2001BBCMM202MOZARTTrio in E flat, K498 (Kegelstatt)Palmer / Phelps / Han
96February2001BBCMM202TCHAIKOVSKYSouvenir de FlorenceTakezawa / Kim / Dutton / Neubauer / Finckel / Diaz
97March2001BBCMM203SULLIVANMacbeth OvertureBBCSO / Mackerras
97March2001BBCMM203SULLIVANCello ConcertoWatkins / BBCSO / Mackerras
97March2001BBCMM203SULLIVANTe Deum (1872)Cahill / Phillips / LCS / BBCCO / Corp
98April2001BBCMM204MAHLERSymphony 4BBC Scottish SO / Marin
98April2001BBCMM204VARIOUSOperatic Arias by Bizet, Massenet and VerdiAlagna / Various orchestras and conductors
99May2001BBCMM205NIELSENClarinet Concerto, Op.57Plane / BBCNOW / Otaka
99May2001BBCMM205NIELSENSymphony 4 'The Inextinguishable'BBCNOW / Sakari
910June2001BBCMM206VARIOUSWigmore Hall Centenary CelebrationVarious
911July2001BBCMM207BACH J SPartita No.1 in B minor BWV 1002Batiashvili
911July2001BBCMM207CHOPINPiano Sonata No.1 in C minor, Op.4Melnikov
911July2001BBCMM207DEBUSSYString Quartet in G minorBelcea Quartet
912August2001BBCMM208ELGARFalstaff: Symphonic Study in C minorBBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
912August2001BBCMM208DVORAKSymphonic VariationsBBCSO / Belohlavek
101September2001BBCMM209DEBUSSYKing Lear (Music for)BBCNOW / Otaka
101September2001BBCMM209DEBUSSYChildren's CornerBBCNOW / Otaka
101September2001BBCMM209DEBUSSYPremiere rapsodie for clarinet and orchestraPlane / BBCNOW / Otaka
101September2001BBCMM209DEBUSSYSix epigraphes antiquesBBCNOW / Otaka
101September2001BBCMM209DEBUSSYLa MerBBCNOW / Otaka
101September2001BBCMMMPCHENWu Xing (The Five Elements)Orchestre National de France / Benetti
101September2001BBCMMMPIANNACCONEWaiting for Sunrise on the SoundRTVE SO (Spain) / Asensio
101September2001BBCMMMPJALBERTIn aeternamBudapest SO / Kovacs
101September2001BBCMMMPKINGHit The Ground (Running, Running, Running)BBCPO / Jarvi
101September2001BBCMMMPPANNSLALOMNSO of Ireland / Markson
102October2001BBCMM210KAPPSymphony 2BBCPO / Jarvi
102October2001BBCMM210PARTCantus in memory of Benjamin BrittenBBCPO / P Jarvi
102October2001BBCMM210TUBINSymphony 3 (Heroic)BBCPO / K Jarvi
103November2001BBCMM211DVORAKCello Concerto in B minorGerhardt / BBCPO / Jarvi
103November2001BBCMM211GRIEGPiano Concerto in A minorGuy / BBCPO / Jarvi
104December2001BBCMM212HAYDNThe CreationSoloists / BBC Singers / BBCPO / Christophers
105January2002BBCMM213HAYDNThe CreationSoloists / BBC Singers / BBCPO / Christophers
106February2002BBCMM214BERGViolin ConcertoKavakos / BBCSO / A Davis
106February2002BBCMM214SCHOENBERGVerklärte Nacht, Op.4BBCSO / Runnicles
107March2002BBCMM215WALTONHenry V – A Shakespeare Scenario (arr. Palmer)West / BBCSO / Slatkin
108April2002BBCMM216SCHUMANNManfred OvertureBBCNOW / Weller
108April2002BBCMM216SCHUMANNSymphony 3 'Rhenish'BBCNOW / Weller
108April2002BBCMM216SCHUMANNGenoveva OvertureBBCNOW / Weller
109May2002BBCMM217DEBUSSYCello SonataKirschbaum / Vignoles
109May2002BBCMM217BEETHOVENCello Sonata in A, Op.69Kirschbaum / Vignoles
109May2002BBCMM217BRAHMSCello Sonata No.2 in F, Op 99Kirschbaum / Vignoles
1010June2002BBCMM218SCRIABINPoem of EcstasyBBCPO / Sinaisky
1010June2002BBCMM218SCRIABINSymphony 2BBCPO / Sinaisky
1011July2002BBCMM219DVORAKThe Golden Spinning WheelBBCPO / Noseda
1011July2002BBCMM219DVORAKSymphony 8 in G majorBBCPO / Noseda
1012August2002BBCMM220SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 4BBCPO / Sinaisky
111September2002BBCMM221BRAHMSDouble Concerto for Violin and Cello, Op.102Batiashvili / Gerhardt / BBCPO / Tortelier
111September2002BBCMM221BEETHOVENPiano Concerto 3Wass / BBCPO / Sinaisky
112October2002BBCMM222ADAMSShort Ride in a Fast MachineBBCNOW / Elder
112October2002BBCMM222ADAMSThe Chairman DancesBBCCO / Wordsworth
112October2002BBCMM222ADAMSHarmoniumChorus / BBCNOW / Llewellyn
112October2002BBCMM222ANDRIESSENDe SnelheidASKO Ensemble / Knussen
113November2002BBCMM223PURCELLHail! Bright CeciliaSoloists / The King's Consort / R King
113November2002BBCMM223VARIOUSBright Cecilia: Variations on a Theme by PurcellBBCPO / Noseda
114December2002BBCMM224VARIOUSChristmas Around EuropeVarious
115January2003BBCMM225MENDELSSOHNOverture: The Fair Melusina, Op.32 (Die schöne Melusine)BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
115January2003BBCMM225HAYDNSymphony 46 in BBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
115January2003BBCMM225SCHUBERTSymphony 3 in DBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
116February2003BBCMM226MONCAYOHuapangoBBCCO / Harth-Bedoya
116February2003BBCMM226GINASTERAEstancia – Ballet SuiteBBCCO / Harth-Bedoya
116February2003BBCMM226DE FALLASeven Popular Spanish SongsMurray / BBCCO / Harth-Bedoya
116February2003BBCMM226PIAZZOLLATangazoBBCCO / Harth-Bedoya
116February2003BBCMM226GERSHWINCuban OvertureBBCCO / Wordsworth
116February2003BBCMM226PLAZANocturnaRomo / Fleming / Wescott / Alley
117March2003BBCMM227BRAHMSQuintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in B minor, Op.115Spaendonck / Karol Szymanowski Quartet
117March2003BBCMM227MOZARTString Quintet in D, K593Karol Szymanowski Quartet / Power (va)
118April2003BBCMM228PROKOFIEVWar and Peace (excerpts)BBCPO / Noseda
118April2003BBCMM228PROKOFIEVSymphony 5 in B flat major, Op.100BBCPO / Noseda
119May2003BBCMM229VARIOUSThe Glory of VeniceConcordia / Mark Levy
1110June2003BBCMM230DEBUSSYPour le pianoPerlemuter
1110June2003BBCMM230RAVELLe Tombeau de CouperinPerlemuter
1111July2003BBCMM231DVORAKSymphony 6 in D majorBBCSO / Belohlavek
1111July2003BBCMM231NOVAKEternal LongingBBCSO / Belohlavek
1112August2003BBCMM232RAVELRapsodie espagnoleBBCNOW / Otaka
1112August2003BBCMM232RAVELL'heure espagnoleSoloists / BBCPO / Noseda
121September2003BBCMM233MOZARTDivertimento in F, K138English Concert / Manze
121September2003BBCMM233MOZARTEine Kleine NachtmusikEnglish Concert / Manze
122October2003BBCMM234BERNSTEINOn the Waterfront – Symphonic SuiteBBCSO / Slatkin
122October2003BBCMM234KORNGOLDCello Concerto (from 'Deception')Zlotkin / BBCSO / Slatkin
122October2003BBCMM234GERSHWINPromenade – Walking the Dog (from 'Shall We Dance')BBCSO / Slatkin
122October2003BBCMM234ROZSASpellbound Concerto (from 'Spellbound')Mulligan / BBCSO / Slatkin
122October2003BBCMM234WAXMANTristan and Isolde Fantasy (from 'Humoresque')Bryant / Mulligan / BBCSO / Slatkin
122October2003BBCMM234VARIOUSThe Golden Age of HollywoodBBCSO / Slatkin
123November2003BBCMM235VARIOUSThe Pity of War (Songs and poems of wartime suffering)Soloists / Beale(rdr) / Burnside and Vignoles(pnos)
124December2003BBCMM236RESPIGHIL'adorazione dei Magi (from 'Trittico Botticelliano')BBC Singers / KCCC / BBCCO / Cleobury
124December2003BBCMM236BRITTENA Boy was BornMain-Ian / Trinity Boys Choir / BBCSO / Jackson
124December2003BBCMM236HONEGGERUne cantate de NoëlSoloists / BBC Singers / KCCC / BBCCO / Cleobury
125January2004BBCMM237HAYDNSymphony 6 in D 'Le Matin'Wiener Akademie / Haselböck
125January2004BBCMM237GIULIANIGuitar Concerto 1 in A major Op.30Catemario / Wiener Akademie / Haselböck
125January2004BBCMM237HAYDNSymphony 8 in G 'Le Soir'Wiener Akademie / Haselböck
126February2004BBCMM238BRUCKNERSymphony 4 'Romantic'BBC Scottish SO / Marin
127March2004BBCMM239RAVELDon Quichotte à DulcinéeMaltman / BBCSO / Fischer
127March2004BBCMM239DEBUSSYLe Livre de BaudelaireMaltman / BBCSO / Fischer
127March2004BBCMM239VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSongs of TravelMaltman / BBCSO / Fischer
127March2004BBCMM239RAVELValses nobles et sentimentalesBBCSO / Fischer
128April2004BBCMM240GESUALDOThree Motets from 'Sacrarum cantionum liber primus'BBC Singers / Holten
128April2004BBCMM240GESUALDOTenebrae Responsories for Good FridayBBC Singers / Holten
129May2004BBCMM241BEETHOVENSymphony 2 in D, Op.36BBCPO / Noseda
129May2004BBCMM241BEETHOVENSymphony 4 in B flat, Op.60BBCPO / Noseda
1210June2004BBCMM242STRAUSS RSongsBrewer / BBCSO / Weller
1210June2004BBCMM242STRAUSS R'Zweit Brautnacht' from Die Ägyptische HelenaBrewer / BBCSO / Weller
1210June2004BBCMM242STRAUSS R'Es gibt ein Reich' from Ariadne auf NaxosBrewer / BBCSO / Weller
1210June2004BBCMM242STRAUSS RMetamorphosenBBCSO / Weller
1211July2004BBCMM243NIELSENWind QuintetGalliard Ensemble
1211July2004BBCMM243LIGETISix BagatellesGalliard Ensemble
1211July2004BBCMM243BARBERSummer MusicGalliard Ensemble
1211July2004BBCMM243FRANÇAIXWind Quintet No.1Galliard Ensemble
1212August2004BBCMM244VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 1 'A Sea Symphony'Rodgers / Keenlyside / Choruses / BBCSO / Slatkin
131September2004BBCMM245SCHUMANNPapillons, Op.2Biss
131September2004BBCMM245SCHUMANNLiederBell / Biss
131September2004BBCMM245SCHUMANNFantasiestucke, Op.73Frost / Biss
131September2004BBCMM245SCHUMANNPiano Quintet in E flat, Op.44Biss / Jerusalem Quartet
132October2004BBCMM246BEETHOVENString Quartet Op. 18 no.2 in G majorArtemis Quartet
132October2004BBCMM246BEETHOVENString Quartet Op.131 in C sharp minorArtemis Quartet
133November2004BBCMM247STRAVINSKYThe Song of the NightingaleBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
133November2004BBCMM247STRAVINSKYSymphony in CBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
133November2004BBCMM247STRAVINSKYSymphony in Three MovementsBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
134December2004BBCMM248RIMSKY-KORSAKOVThe Snow Maiden – SuiteBBCPO / Sinaisky
134December2004BBCMM248TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 1 in G minor, Op.13 'Winter Daydreams'BBCPO / Sinaisky
134December2004BBCMM248TCHAIKOVSKYThe Snow Maiden – extractsBBCPO / Sinaisky
135January2005BBCMM249BRAHMSString Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2The Lindsays
135January2005BBCMM249SCHUMANNString Quartet No. 1 in A minor, Op.41 No. 1The Lindsays
136February2005BBCMM250ELGAREnigma VariationsBBCNOW / Otaka
136February2005BBCMM250VAUGHAN WILLIAMSFive Variants of 'Dives and Lazarus'BBCNOW / Atherton
136February2005BBCMM250TIPPETTRitual Dances from 'The Midsummer Marriage'BBCNOW / Hatfield (leader / director)
137March2005BBCMM251MAHLERSymphony 6BBCPO / Mackerras
138April2005BBCMM252ELGARPartsongs (4)BBC Singers / Cleobury
138April2005BBCMM252DELIUSTo be sung of a Summer NightBBC Singers / Cleobury
138April2005BBCMM252DELIUSMidsummer SongBBC Singers / Cleobury
138April2005BBCMM252DELIUSFive Early PartsongsBBC Singers / Cleobury
138April2005BBCMM252HOLSTPartsongs (6)BBC Singers / Doyle
138April2005BBCMM252HOLSTChoral Hymns from Rig VedaBBC Singers / Doyle
139May2005BBCMM253HAYDNSymphony 77 in B flat majorAAM / Hogwood
139May2005BBCMM253HAYDNSymphony 76 in E flat majorAAM / Hogwood
1310June2005BBCMM254BEETHOVENPiano Sonata 13 in E flat, Op. 27 no.1, 'Quasi una Fantasia'Llyr Williams
1310June2005BBCMM254LISZTPiano Sonata in B minorLlyr Williams
1310June2005BBCMM254SCHUBERTFantasy in C, D760 (Wanderer)Llyr Williams
1311July2005BBCMM255RODRIGOConcierto de AranjuezFernandez / Ulster Orchestra / Leaper
1311July2005BBCMM255GERHARD RDances from Don QuixoteUlster Orchestra / Caballe-Domenech
1311July2005BBCMM255DE FALLAThe Three-Cornered Hat, Suite 1Ulster Orchestra / Caballe-Domenech
1311July2005BBCMM255GRANADOSThree Spanish DancesUlster Orchestra / Caballe-Domenech
1312Proms2005BBCMM256RIMSKY-KORSAKOVScheherazadeBBC Scottish SO / Titov
1312Proms2005BBCMM256LYADOVBaba-YagaBBCSO / Titov
1312Proms2005BBCMM256LYADOVThe Enchanted LakeBBCSO / Titov
1312Proms2005BBCMM256LYADOVKikimoraBBCSO / Titov
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERLohengrin – Act III PreludeBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERLohengrin – Act I PreludeBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERRienzi – OvertureBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERTannhauser – Act III PreludeBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERParsifal – Act I PreludeBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERTristan und Isolde – PreludeBBCPO / Downes
1313August2005BBCMM257WAGNERTristan und Isolde – LiebestodBBCPO / Downes
141September2005BBCMM258TCHAIKOVSKYPiano Concerto 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23Melnikov / BBCNOW / Titov
141September2005BBCMM258TCHAIKOVSKYSuite 3 in G, Op. 55Ulster Orchestra / Altschuler
142October2005BBCMM259SMETANAMa Vlast (Three movements)National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain / Norrington
142October2005BBCMM259DVORAKThe Noonday WitchBBC Scottish SO / Titov
142October2005BBCMM259DVORAKThe Wood DoveBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
143November2005BBCMM260MENDELSSOHNCalm Sea and Prosperous Voyage, Op.27Ulster Orchestra / Braithwaite
143November2005BBCMM260MENDELSSOHNViolin Concerto in E minorLittle / BBC Scottish SO / Solyom
143November2005BBCMM260CZERNYSymphony 1 in C mionr, Op.780 (Grand Symphony)Ulster Orchestra / Hempel
144December2005BBCMM261BACH J SWachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 140Goode / Rodolfus Choir / Allwood
144December2005BBCMM261BACH J SJesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, BWV 147Goode / Rodolfus Choir / Allwood
144December2005BBCMM261BACH J SChoral preludes from the Orgelbüchlein, BWV 599–615Goode / Rodolfus Choir / Allwood
144December2005BBCMM261BACH J SPrelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 547Goode / Crouch / Rodolfus Choir / Allwood
145January2006BBCMM262MOZARTRequiem, K626Soloists / BBC Symphony Chorus / BBCSO / Belohlavek
145January2006BBCMM262MOZARTSymphony 36 in C major 'Linz', K425BBCSO / Weller
146February2006BBCMM263SHOSTAKOVICHPiano Concerto 2 in F major, Op.102Roscoe / BBCPO / Sinaisky
146February2006BBCMM263SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 15 in A major, Op.141BBCPO / Sinaisky
146February2006BBCMM263SHOSTAKOVICHSuite from The Gadfly, Op.97a (extracts)BBCPO / Sinaisky
147March2006BBCMM264SCHUMANNFaust OvertureBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
147March2006BBCMM264BRAHMSSymphony 1BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
147March2006BBCMM264EISLERKleine SymphonyBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
148April2006BBCMM265PERGOLESIStabat MaterNew College Oxford / AAM / Higginbottom
148April2006BBCMM265SCARLATTIStabat MaterSoloists / BBC Singers / Christophers
149May2006BBCMM266DEBUSSYPrintemps (orchestration by Henri Büsser)BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
149May2006BBCMM266DEBUSSYPetite Suite (orchestration by Henri Büsser)BBC Scottish SO / Valade
149May2006BBCMM266DEBUSSYImagesBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
1410June2006BBCMM267BRUCKNERSymphony 7BBCNOW / Sakari
1411July2006BBCMM268SIBELIUSSymphony 1BBCNOW / Swensen
1411July2006BBCMM268NIELSENSymphony 1Ulster Orchestra / Fürst
1412Proms2006BBCMM269ELGARSymphony 1BBCSO / Boult
1412Proms2006BBCMM269ELGARIn the South (Alassio)BBCSO / Slatkin
1413August2006BBCMM270STRAUSS RFour Last SongsSchwanewilms / Halle / Elder
1413August2006BBCMM270MOZARTPiano Concerto 20, K466Stott / Manchester Camerata / Boyd
1413August2006BBCMM270PROKOFIEVRomeo and Juliet (excerpts from the concert suites)BBCPO / Noseda
151September2006BBCMM271MENDELSSOHNOctet in E flat major, Op. 20Royal String Quartet and Psophos Quartet
151September2006BBCMM271SCHUBERTPiano Quintet in A major, Op. 114 D677 'Trout'Helmchen / Ibragimova / Tamestit / Poltera / Cabrera
152October2006BBCMM272COPLANDAppalachian SpringUlster Orchestra / Fischer T
152October2006BBCMM272HARRISSymphony 3BBCSO / Llewellyn
152October2006BBCMM272IVESCentral Park in the DarkBBCSO / Foster
152October2006BBCMM272COPLANDClarinet ConcertoPlane / BBCNOW / Stern
153November2006BBCMM273BRITTENPlymouth TownBBCSO / Llewellyn
153November2006BBCMM273BRITTENNocturneKennedy / BBCNOW / Bostock
153November2006BBCMM273WILLIAMS GBallads for OrchestraBBCSO / Brönnimann
154December2006BBCMM274MOZARTDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) – OvertureBBCPO / Noseda
154December2006BBCMM274MOZARTConcert AriasMatthews / BBCPO / Noseda
154December2006BBCMM274HAYDNSymphony 103 in E flat major, 'Drum Roll'BBCPO / Noseda
155January2007BBCMM275MESSIAENTurangalîla SymphonyMurara / Tchamkerten / BBCNOW / Fischer
156February2007BBCMM276TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 2 in C minor, Op.17 'Little Russian'BBCPO / Noseda
156February2007BBCMM276ARENSKYVariations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky, Op.35AUlster Orchestra / Anissimov
156February2007BBCMM276BALAKIREVTamaraUlster Orchestra / Yuasa
157March2007BBCMM277RESPIGHIFountains of RomeBBCNOW / Otaka
157March2007BBCMM277RESPIGHIThe BirdsBBCPO / Thomas
157March2007BBCMM277RESPIGHIPines of RomeBBCNOW / Otaka
158April2007BBCMM278SCHUMANNPiano Concerto in A minor, Op.54Vogt / BBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
158April2007BBCMM278SCHUMANNSymphony 2 in C major, Op.61BBCPO / Noseda
159May2007BBCMM279FRANCKSonata for Violin and Piano in A majorIbragimova / Tiberghien
159May2007BBCMM279FAURE5 Mélodies 'de Venise', Op.58 no.1 'Mandoline'Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279FAURE5 Mélodies 'de Venise', Op.58 no.3 'Green'Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279FAURE3 Songs, Op.18 no.1 'Nell'Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279FAUREPoéme d'un Jour, Op.21Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279FAURE4 Songs, Op.39 no.4 'Les Roses d'Ispahan'Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279FAURE2 Songs, Op.83 no1 'Prison'Kennedy / Drake
159May2007BBCMM279RAVELGaspard de la NuitTiberghien
1510June2007BBCMM280ELGARSymphony 2 in E flat, Op.63BBCSO / Sargent
1511July2007BBCMM281BRAHMSPiano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34Han / Fleezanis / Swensen / Phelps / Kirshbaum
1511July2007BBCMM281DVORAKPiano Quartet in E flat, Op. 87Kalish / Fleezanis / Walthar / Carr
1512Proms2007BBCDVD001BEETHOVENPiano Concerto 4 in G, Op. 58Haefliger / BBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
1512Proms2007BBCDVD001NIELSENSymphony 4, Op. 29 'The Inextinguishable'BBCSO / Vanska
1513August2007BBCMM283SIBELIUSEn SagaBBC Scottish SO / Solyom
1513August2007BBCMM283SIBELIUSSymphony 6BBC Scottish SO / Segerstam
1513August2007BBCMM283SIBELIUSSymphony 7BBC Scottish SO / Segerstam
161September2007BBCMM284BACH J SOrchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068BBC Scottish SO / Kraemer
161September2007BBCMM284BACH J SViolin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, BWV 1041Ibragimova / BBC Scottish SO / Kraemer
161September2007BBCMM284BACH J SViolin Concerto No. 2 in E major, BWV 1042Ibragimova / BBC Scottish SO / Kraemer
161September2007BBCMM284BACH J SChaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004Ibragimova / BBC Scottish SO / Kraemer
162October2007BBCMM285CHABRIEREspañaLPO / Beecham
162October2007BBCMM285ELGARElegy for String Orchestra, Op. 58LPO / Elgar
162October2007BBCMM285BACH J S/ELGARFantasia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 537LPO / Boult
162October2007BBCMM285MAHLERSongs of a WayfarerHampson / LPO / Tennstedt
162October2007BBCMM285TCHAIKOVSKYSerenade for Strings, Op. 48LPO / Jurowski
163November2007BBCMM286BORODINPrince Igor OvertureBBCPO / Sinaisky
163November2007BBCMM286TCHAIKOVSKYHamlet Fantasy OvertureBBCPO / Sinaisky
163November2007BBCMM286BORODINIn the Steppes of Central AsiaBBCPO / Sinaisky
163November2007BBCMM286GLAZUNOVSymphony 5 in B flat major, Op.55BBCPO / Sinaisky
164December2007BBCMM287VARIOUSChristmas Choral MusicMonteverdi Choir / Orchestras / Gardiner
164December2007BBCMM287BACH J SCantata: Unser Mund sei voll Lachens, BWV 110Monteverdi Choir / English Baroque Soloists / Gardiner
165January2008BBCMM288BARTOKConcerto for OrchestraBBCNOW / Otaka
165January2008BBCMM288LUTOSLAWSKIConcerto for OrchestraBBCSO / Lutoslawski
166February2008BBCMM289SIBELIUSSymphony 3 in C major, Op.52Halle / Elder
166February2008BBCMM289BUTTERWORTHA Shropshire LadHalle / Elder
166February2008BBCMM289DVORAKCarnival OvertureHalle / Harty
166February2008BBCMM289ELGARSalut d'amourHalle / Heward
166February2008BBCMM289BAXSymphony 3 (last movement)Halle / Barbirolli
166February2008BBCMM289DEBUSSYPrelude – Les collines d'Anacapri (arr. Colin Matthews)Halle / Elder
167March2008BBCMM290BEETHOVENSymphony 9 'Choral'BBCNOW / Roth
168April2008BBCMM291VIERNE(Organ) Symphony No. 3 in F sharp minor, Op. 28Briggs (Organ)
168April2008BBCMM291WIDOR(Organ) Symphony No. 5 in F minor, Op. 42 No. 1Briggs (Organ)
168April2008BBCMM291BRIGGSImprovisation on the bell chime of St Sernin (Lourdes hymn)Briggs (Organ)
169May2008BBCMM292ALLEGRIMiserere mei, DeusThe Sixteen / Christophers
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDIn Nomine 4Rose Consort of Viols
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDLaudibus in santus (from Cantiones sacrae II)Stile Antico
169May2008BBCMM292ANERIOMagnificat (secundi toni)The Sixteen / Christophers
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDIn Nomine 2Rose Consort of Viols
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDVigilate (from Cantiones sacrae I)Stile Antico
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDDecora lux aeternitatis aureamThe Sixteen / Christophers
169May2008BBCMM292ALLEGRIKyrie (from Missa Che fa oggi il mio sole)The Sixteen / Christophers
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDIn Nomine 3Rose Consort of Viols
169May2008BBCMM292ALLEGRIChristus resurgens ex mortuisThe Sixteen / Christophers
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDPlorans ploravit (Gradualia 1)Stile Antico
169May2008BBCMM292BYRDIn Nomine 5Rose Consort of Viols
169May2008BBCMM292PALESTRINAGloria (from Missa Papae Marcelli)The Sixteen / Christophers
1610June2008BBCMM293DEBUSSYPrelude a l'apre-midi d'un fauneBBCSO / Robertson
1610June2008BBCMM293DEBUSSYJeuxBBCSO / Eötvös
1610June2008BBCMM293SATIEParadeBBCSO / Porcelijn
1610June2008BBCMM293ROUSSELBacchus et Ariane, Suite No. 2BBCNOW / Weller
1611July2008BBCMM294VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 5 in D majorBBCSO / A Davis
1611July2008BBCMM294VAUGHAN WILLIAMSMass in G minorSoloists / BBC Singers / Carwood
1612Proms2008BBCMM295WALTONViola ConcertoImai / BBCNOW / Otaka
1612Proms2008BBCMM295IRELANDPiano Concerto in E flat majorStott / BBCSO / Davis
1612Proms2008BBCMM295IRELANDEpic MarchLSO / Wood
1612Proms2008BBCMM295PUW...onyt agoraf y drws...BBCNOW / Atherton
1613August2008BBCMM296GERSHWINPiano Concerto in FDonohoe / BBCNOW / Abell
1613August2008BBCMM296RAVELPiano Concerto in GCollard / BBCNOW / Roth
171September2008BBCMM297BRAHMSAlto RhapsodyStotijn / BBCNOW / Steen
171September2008BBCMM297MAHLERFive RuckertliederStotijn / BBC Scottish SO / Shinozaki
171September2008BBCMM297MAHLERSeven SongsStotijn / Drake
172October2008BBCMM298DELIUSBrigg FairBBCSO / A Davis
172October2008BBCMM298VAUGHAN WILLIAMSOn Wenlock EdgeKennedy / Crawford-Phillips / Royal String Quartet
172October2008BBCMM298BUTTERWORTHSix Songs from 'A Shropshire Lad'Lemalu / Burnside
172October2008BBCMM298FINZILet Us Garlands BringLemalu / BBCSO / Steen
173November2008BBCMM299POULENCGloriaBrewer / BBCSO and Chorus / A Davis
173November2008BBCMM299MESSIAENL'AscensionBBC Scottish SO / Jurowski
173November2008BBCMM299STRAVINSKYSymphony of PsalmsBBCSO and Chorus / A Davis
174December2008BBCMM300SUKPohádka – A Fairy TaleBBCSO / Hrusa
174December2008BBCMM300PROKOFIEVThe Love for Three Oranges (Symphonic Suite)BBCPO / Downes
174December2008BBCMM300RAVELMother Goose (Suite)BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
175January2009BBCMM301HANDELConcerto Grosso, Op. 3 No.1 in B flat major/G minorAccademy of Ancient Music / Egarr
175January2009BBCMM301HANDELConcerto Grosso, Op. 3 No.2 in B flat majorAccademy of Ancient Music / Egarr
175January2009BBCMM301HANDELChandos Anthem No. 6 'As pants the hart'BBC Singers / Orchestra of The Sixteen / Christophers
175January2009BBCMM301HANDELChandos Anthem No.10 'The Lord is my light'BBC Singers / Orchestra of The Sixteen / Christophers
176February2009BBCMM302JANACEKSinfoniettaBBCPO / Mackerras
176February2009BBCMM302JANACEKGlagolitic MassSoloists / Partington / BBCNOW and Chorus / Hickox
177March2009BBCMM303MOZARTPiano Concerto 21 in C, K467Curzon / BBCSO / Klee
177March2009BBCMM303MOZARTPiano Concerto No. 23 in A major, K488Curzon / BBCNSO / Hurst
178April2009BBCMM304PUCCINIIl TabarroSoloists / BBC Singers / BBCPO / Noseda
179May2009BBCMM305BEETHOVENString Quartet Op. 18 no.4 in C minorPaul Haas Quartet
179May2009BBCMM305BEETHOVENString Quartet Op.132 in F majorPaul Haas Quartet
179May2009BBCMM305BEETHOVENString Quartet Op. 95 in F minor, 'Quartetto serioso'Paul Haas Quartet
1710June2009BBCMM306MENDELSSOHNSymphony 2 'Lobesgang (Hymn of Praise)', Op.52Soloists / Chorus / BBCNOW / Hickox
1711July2009BBCMM307HAYDNSymphony 22 in E flat major 'The Philosopher'BBCPO / Kraemer
1711July2009BBCMM307HAYDNSymphony 26 in D minor 'Lamentatione'BBCPO / Kraemer
1711July2009BBCMM307HAYDNSymphony 67 in F majorBBCPO / Kraemer
1711July2009BBCMM307HAYDNSymphony 80 in D minorBBCPO / Kraemer
1712August2009BBCMM308WALTONSymphony 1BBCSO / Boult
1713September2009BBCMM309SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 11 in G minor, Op.103 'The Year 1905'BSO / Karabits
181October2009BBCMM310BRAHMSAcademic Festival Overture, Op. 80BBCNOW / Hickox
181October2009BBCMM310BRAHMSPiano Concerto 1 in D minor, Op. 15Goerner / BBC Scottish SO / König
182November2009BBCMM311MAHLERDas Lied von der ErdeCargill / Botha / BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
183December2009BBCMM312PROKOFIEVViolin Concerto 2 in G minor, Op. 63Soetens / BBCSO / Wood
183December2009BBCMM312PROKOFIEVViolin Sonata 2 in D, Op. 94Ehnes / Armstrong
184Christmas2009BBCMM313HOWELLSThree Carol-AnthemsBBC Singers / Carwood
184Christmas2009BBCMM313BRITTENSt Nicolas, Op. 42BBC Singers / Choristers of St Paul's Cathedral / BBCCO / Brough
185January2010BBCMM314SCHUMANNKonzertstück for Four Horns in F, Op. 86Pyatt / Thompson / Owen / O hAodáin / BBCPO / Mackerras
185January2010BBCMM314SCHUMANNSymphony 4 in D minor, Op.120 (1851 revision)BBCPO / Noseda
186February2010BBCMM315CHOPINPolonaise No. 1 in C sharp minor, Op. 26Roscoe
186February2010BBCMM315GLAZUNOVChopiniana, Op. 46BBCPO / Sinaisky
186February2010BBCMM315CHOPINNocturne in E flat, Op. 9 No. 2Roscoe
186February2010BBCMM315CHOPIN/STRAVINSKYNocturne in A flat, Op. 32 No. 2BBCPO / Sinaisky
186February2010BBCMM315CHOPINNocturne in F sharp, Op. 15 No. 2Roscoe
186February2010BBCMM315CHOPINPiano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor Op. 35Roscoe
187March2010BBCMM316BERNSTEINChichester PsalmsBBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
187March2010BBCMM316GERSHWINSecond Rhapsody for Piano and OrchestraJablonski / BBCNOW / Stern
187March2010BBCMM316GROFÉMississippi SuiteBBCCO / Lockhart
187March2010BBCMM316ELLINGTONHarlemBBCNOW / K Jarvi
188April2010BBCMM317BERLIOZTe Deum, Op. 22Schneider / Preston / BBCSO / Mälkki
188April2010BBCMM317BERLIOZGrande symphonie funèbre et triomphale, Op. 15BBCNOW / T Fischer
189May2010BBCMM318POULENCConcert champêtreBBCNOW / Brabbins
189May2010BBCMM318BACH J SPartita No. 4 in D, BWV 828Esfahani (harpsichord)
1810June2010BBCMM319TCHAIKOVSKYPiano Concerto 2 in G, Op. 44Lill / BBNOW / Weller
1810June2010BBCMM319TCHAIKOVSKYCapriccio Italien, Op. 45BBCNOW / Minczuk
1811July2010BBCMM320VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSerenade to MusicBBCSO and Chorus / Cameron
1811July2010BBCMM320VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 3 'A Pastoral Symphony'BBCSO / Boult
1812August2010BBCMM321RACHMANINOVRhapsody on a Theme of PaganiniTrpceski / BBCSO / A Davis
1812August2010BBCMM321TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 3 in D major, Op.29 'Polish'BBCPO / Noseda
1813September2010BBCMM322MAHLERSymphony 7BBCPO / Noseda
1814October2010BBCMM323MOZARTViolin Concerto 4, K218Hahn / BBCSO / A Davis
1814October2010BBCMM323KORNGOLDViolin Concerto in D, Op. 35Haveron / BBCSO / Belohlavek
191November2010BBCMM324RAVELSonatinePizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324RAVELForlane (from Le tombeau de Couperin)Pizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324RAVELPavane pour une infante défuntePizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYHommage à HaydnPizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324RAVELMenuet sur le nom d’HaydnPizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYD’un cahier d’esquissesPizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYImages oubliéesPizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYEtude retrouvéePizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYNocturnePizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324RAVELÀ la manière de... ChabrierPizarro (piano)
191November2010BBCMM324DEBUSSYBalladePizarro (piano)
192December2010BBCMM325ALBINONI / BALSOMOboe Concerto in D minor, Op. 9 No. 2Balsom (trumpet) / BBC Scottish SO / Brönnimann
192December2010BBCMM325HUMMELTrumpet Concerto in E flat Balsom (trumpet) / BBC Scottish SO / Solyom
192December2010BBCMM325VIVALDIViolin Concerto in D, Op. 3 No. 9 (RV.230) – arr. for trumpet and trioBalsom (trumpet) / Johnston / Poster / Macleod
192December2010BBCMM325HAYDNTrumpet Concerto in E flat (Hob. VIIe:1)Balsom (trumpet) / BBC Scottish SO / D Boyd
193Christmas2010BBCMM326VARIOUSChoral Christmas, ARodolfus Choir / Allwood
194January2011BBCMM327MOZARTMass in C minor, K427 (K417a)Soloists / BBCSO and Chorus / Robertson
194January2011BBCMM327MOZARTSymphony 40 in G minor, K550BBCPO / Noseda
195February2011BBCMM328SAINT-SAENSCello Concerto 1 in A minor, Op. 33Brantelid / BBCPO / Mena
195February2011BBCMM328WALTONCello ConcertoWatkins / BBC Scottish SO / Hannikainen
196March2011BBCMM329HAYDNString Quartet, Op. 64 No. 6 in E flatElias String Quartet
196March2011BBCMM329MENDELSSOHNString Quintet No. 2 in B flat, Op. 87Elias String Quartet and Broman (viola)
196March2011BBCMM329SCHUBERTQuartettsatz in C minor, D703Elias String Quartet
197April2011BBCMM330MAHLERSymphony 8 'Symphony of a Thousand'Soloists / BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SChorale prelude on ‘O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross’, BWV 622David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SChorale prelude on ‘Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele’, BWV 654David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SChorale prelude on ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’, BWV 682David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SConcerto in A minor (after Vivaldi), BWV 593David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SPassacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SPrelude and Fugue in B minor, BWV 544David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SPrelude and Fugue in G BWV 541David Goode (organ)
198May2011BBCMM331BACH J SToccata, Adagio & Fugue in C, BWV 564David Goode (organ)
199June2011BBCMM332BALAKIREVTamaraBBCNOW / T Fischer
199June2011BBCMM332STRAVINSKYThe Firebird (1910)BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
1910July2011BBCMM333PARRYElegy for BrahmsBBCSO / A Davis
1910July2011BBCMM333VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 9BBCSO / A Davis
1911August2011BBCMM334BACH J SGoldberg Variations, BWV 988Freddy Kempf (piano)
1912September2011BBCMM335BRUCKNERSymphony 3CBSO / Nelsons
1913October2011BBCMM336LISZTLegend: St Francis of Assisi’s sermon to the birds, S354 No.1BBCPO / Noseda
1913October2011BBCMM336LISZTTotentanz: Paraphrase on Dies Irae, S126Rosco / BBCPO / Hussain
1913October2011BBCMM336LISZTSymphonic Poem No. 6: Mazeppa, S100BBCPO / Noseda
1913October2011BBCMM336LISZTSymphonic Poem No. 11: The Battle of the Huns, S105BBCPO / Noseda
201November2011BBCMM337RESPIGHIFeste Romane (Roman Festivals)National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain / Petrenko
201November2011BBCMM337PROKOFIEVCinderella Suite 1RLPO / Petrenko
202December2011BBCMM338KABALEVSKYCello Concerto 2, Op. 77Isserlis / Bournemouth SO / Karabits
202December2011BBCMM338MENDELSSOHNPiano Trio 1 in D minor, Op. 49Várjon / Bell / Isserlis
202December2011BBCMM338BRAHMSCello Sonata 1 in E minor, Op. 38Isserlis / Hough
203Christmas2011BBCMM339VARIOUSIn Dulci Jubilo – Beautiful Christmas choral musicChoir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge / Webber
204January2012BBCMM340BEETHOVENViolin Concerto in D, Op. 61Menuhin / BBC Scottish SO / Whyte
204January2012BBCMM340VAUGHAN WILLIAMSDona nobis pacemSoloists / BBCSO and Chorus / Vaughan Williams
205February2012BBCMM341DEBUSSYThe Martyrdom of Saint SebastianNarrator / Soloists / BBCNOW and Chorus / T Fischer
206March2012BBCMM342SCHUBERTWinterreiseNeven (baritone) / Eijsackers (piano)
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDApparebit in finemThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDPeccantem me quotidieThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343TALLISGaude gloriosa Dei materThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDO salutaris hostia (a 6)The Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDTimete DominumThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDIustorum animaeThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDAd Dominum cum tribularerThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343TALLISLoquebantur variis linguisThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343TALLISAbsterge DomineThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343TALLISCandidi facti sunt NazareiThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
207April2012BBCMM343BYRDInfelix egoThe Cardinall's Musick / Carwood
208May2012BBCMM344STRAUSS RDer Rosenkavalier, Scenes from (selected by Donald Runnicles)Soloists / BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
209June2012BBCMM345DELIUSSea DriftHampson / Bach Choir / BBCNCW / BBCNOW / Hickox
209June2012BBCMM345DELIUSPiano Concerto in C minorMoiseiwitsch / BBCSO / Sargent
209June2012BBCMM345DELIUSPoem of Life and LoveBBCCO / Handley
2010July2012BBCMM346RACHMANINOVPiano Concerto 2 in C minor, Op. 18Douglas / Ulster Orchestra / Dworzynski
2010July2012BBCMM346RACHMANINOVSymphonic Dances, Op. 45BBCNOW / Elts
2011August2012BBCMM347COATESThe Three Elizabeths SuiteBBCCO / Wordsworth
2011August2012BBCMM347ENESCURomanian Rhapsody No. 1BBCCO / Wildner
2011August2012BBCMM347STRAUSS J (JNR)Tritsch-Tratsch PolkaBBCCO / Wildner
2011August2012BBCMM347ARNOLDSymphony 1, Op. 22BBCCO / Lockhart
2012September2012BBCMM348TURNAGECanon FeverBBCSO / Gourlay
2012September2012BBCMM348DVORAKCarnival Overture, Op. 92BBC Scottish SO / Dworzynski
2012September2012BBCMM348DVORAKSymphony 9 in E minor, Op. 95 'From the New World'BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
2013October2012BBCMM349BEETHOVENPiano Sonata 23 in F minor, Op. 57, 'Appassionata'Claudio Arrau
2013October2012BBCMM349BEETHOVENPiano Sonata 26 in E flat, Op. 81a, 'Les Adieux'Claudio Arrau
2013October2012BBCMM349SCHUMANNCarnaval, Op. 9Claudio Arrau
211November2012BBCMM350BARTOKConcerto for OrchestraWorld Orchestra for Peace / Solti
211November2012BBCMM350STRAVINSKYPetrushkaWorld Orchestra for Peace / Gergiev
211November2012BBCMM350ROSSINIOverture: William TellWorld Orchestra for Peace / Solti
212December2012BBCMM351MESSIAENLa Nativité du SeigneurNaji Hakim (organ)
212December2012BBCMM351HAKIMLe Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen (Three symphonic meditations for organ)Naji Hakim (organ)
213Christmas2012BBCMM352VARIOUSSilent Night – Christmas Choral MusicLaudibus / Isaacs
214January2013BBCMM353BRITTENWar RequiemSoloists / Choirs / BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
215February2013BBCMM354MOZARTViolin Concerto 5, 'Turkish', K219Pike / BBCNOW / Walker
215February2013BBCMM354MOZARTFlute and Harp Concerto in C, K299E Beynon / C Beynon / BBCNOW / T Fischer
216March2013BBCMM355BACH J SOrchestral Suite No. 1 in C major, BWV 1066Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra / Lamon
216March2013BBCMM355BACH J SOrchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra / Lamon
216March2013BBCMM355TELEMANNSuite in B flat 'La Bourse', TWV55:B11Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra / Lamon
217April2013BBCMM356VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSymphony 6 in E minorBBCSO / Boult
217April2013BBCMM356BRIDGEThe Sea (Suite)BBCNOW / Brabbins
218May2013BBCMM357SCHUBERTPiano Sonata in A, D959Piemontesi
218May2013BBCMM357MOZARTString Quintet in G minor, K516Broman (viola) / Elias String Quartet
219June2013BBCMM358WAGNERParsifal – Act I PreludeBBC Scottish SO / Litton
219June2013BBCMM358BRAHMSA German RequiemMilne / Brück / BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
2110July2013BBCMM359BEETHOVENPiano Concerto 1 in C, Op. 15Lewis / BBCSO / Belohlavek
2110July2013BBCMM359HOLSTThe Planets, Op. 32BBCSO / Boult
2111August2013BBCMM360NIELSENSymphony 5, Op. 50BBCNOW / Søndergård
2111August2013BBCMM360SIBELIUSSymphony 5 in E flat, Op. 82BBCNOW / Søndergård
2112September2013BBCMM361SCARLATTISonata in A flat, Kk 127Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361SCARLATTISonata in F minor, Kk 466Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361SCARLATTISonata in F minor, Kk 184Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361SCARLATTISonata in A, Kk 101Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361SCHUMANNKinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood), Op. 15Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361CHOPINBallade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361RACHMANINOVSonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 36Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361CHOPINWaltz in A flat, Op. 69 No. 1Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361RACHMANINOVPolka de V.R.Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2112September2013BBCMM361SCRIABINEtude in D sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12Vladimir Horowitz (piano)
2113October2013BBCMM362VERDIRequiemSoloists / Choruses / BBCSO / Pritchard
221November2013BBCMM363BACH J SPartita No. 3 in E, BWV 1006Menuhin
221November2013BBCMM363BRUCHViolin Concerto 1 in G minor, Op. 26Little / BBCNOW / Atherton
221November2013BBCMM363TCHAIKOVSKYSouvenir d'un Lieu Cher: No. 3. MélodieLittle / BBCNOW / Atherton
221November2013BBCMM363DE FALLASiete canciones populares españolasMilstein / Lush
221November2013BBCMM363PAGANINICaprice no. 5 in A MinorMilstein
222December2013BBCMM364TAVENERThe Protecting VeilIsserlis / BBCSO / Rozhdestvensky
222December2013BBCMM364FINZIDies natalis, Op. 8A Kennedy / BBCNOW / Judd
223Christmas2013BBCMM365VARIOUSA Babe is Born (Christmas choral music)Pearce, Farr (organ) / BBC Singers / Hill, Brough
224January2014BBCMM366STRAUSS RAlso Sprach ZarathustraBBCNOW / van Steen
224January2014BBCMM366STRAUSS RTod und VerklarungBBCNOW / Ono
225February2014BBCMM367BERNSTEINWest Side Story: Symphonic DancesBBCNOW / Stern
225February2014BBCMM367COPLANDThree Latin-American SketchesBBCCO / Wordsworth
225February2014BBCMM367VILLA-LOBOSBachianos Brasileiras No. 9Ulster Orchestra / Antunes
225February2014BBCMM367GINASTERAEstancia (Ballet Suite)BBCSO / Pons
226March2014BBCMM368RAVELMiroirsPerlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAURENocturne No. 1 in E flat minor, Op. 33, No.1Perlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAUREBarcarolle No. 8 in D flat, Op. 96Perlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAURENocturne No.13 in B minor, Op. 119Perlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAUREBarcarolle No. 7 in D minor, Op. 90Perlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAURENocturne No. 7 in C sharp minor, Op. 74Perlemuter (piano)
226March2014BBCMM368FAUREBarcarolle No. 6 in E flat, Op. 70Perlemuter (piano)
227April2014BBCMM369MENDELSSOHNPiano Quartet No. 3 in B minor, Op. 3Pohjonen / Keefe / Neubauer / Hakhnazaryan
227April2014BBCMM369SCHUMANNMärchenbilder, Op.113Pohjonen / Keefe / Neubauer / Hakhnazaryan
227April2014BBCMM369SCHUMANNPiano Quartet in E flat, Op. 47Pohjonen / Keefe / Neubauer / Hakhnazaryan
228May2014BBCMM370SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 5 in D minor, Op. 47BBCNOW / Otaka
229June2014BBCMM371GURNEYA Gloucestershire RhapsodyBBC Scottish SO / Parry
229June2014BBCMM371BRIDGEOration (Concerto Elegiaco for cello and orchestra)Isserlis / BBCNOW / Hickox
229June2014BBCMM371GURNEYWar ElegyBBCSO / Lloyd-Jones
2210July2014BBCMM372ELGARViolin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61Ehnes / BBC NOW / Atherton
2210July2014BBCMM372ELGARThe Spirit of England, Op. 80Soloists / BBCSO and Chorus / Lloyd-Jones
2211August2014BBCMM373BEETHOVENPiano Sonata 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2, 'Moonlight'Louis Schwizgebel
2211August2014BBCMM373SCHUBERTPiano Sonata in A minor, D845Louis Schwizgebel
2211August2014BBCMM373HAYDNPiano Sonata in C major, Hob XVI:50Louis Schwizgebel
2212September2014BBCMM374VARIOUSOperatic AriasCallas / Various Orchestras and Conductors
2212September2014BBCMM374MAHLERSongs from Des Knaben WunderhornPopp / Cage (piano)
2212September2014BBCMM374MUSORGSKYNursery SongsSöderström / Isepp (piano)
2212September2014BBCMM374SJÖGRENJahrlang mocht’ich so Dich haltenSöderström / Isepp (piano)
2212September2014BBCMM374SJÖGRENIn dem schatten meiner LockenSöderström / Isepp (piano)
2212September2014BBCMM374THRANENorwegian Echo SongSöderström / Isepp (piano)
2213October2014BBCMM375BRAHMSSymphony 3 in F major, Op. 90BBCPO / Noseda
2213October2014BBCMM375BRAHMSSchicksalslied (Song of Destiny), Op. 54BBCNCW / BBCNOW / Llewellyn
2213October2014BBCMM375BRAHMSVariations On A Theme By Haydn, Op. 56a ('St Anthony Variations')BBCNOW / Brabbins
231November2014BBCMM376SCHUBERTSymphony 4 in C minor, D417 'Tragic'BBCPO / Mena
231November2014BBCMM376SCHUMANNSymphony 1 in B flat major, Op. 38 'Spring'BBCPO / Noseda
231November2014BBCMM376BEETHOVENSymphony 5 in C minor, Op. 67: First movementBBCNOW / Søndergård
232December2014BBCMM377BACH CPETrio Sonata for flute, violin and continuo in A, H570, Wq. 146Bircher / Podger / Pokrzywinski / Bezuidenhout
232December2014BBCMM377BACH CPEViolin Sonata in C minor, H514, Wq. 78Podger / Bezuidenhout
232December2014BBCMM377BACH CPEKeyboard Sonata in E minor ('Kenner und Liebhaber' Collection No. 5), H281, Wq. 59/1Bezuidenhout
232December2014BBCMM377BACH CPETrio Sonata in C minor, 'Sanguineus & Melancholicus', H579, Wq. 161/1Podger / Cicic / Pokrzywinski / Bezuidenhout
232December2014BBCMM377MOZARTHorn Concerto 4, K495: Third movementThorpe / BBCNOW / Søndergård
233Christmas2014BBCMM378VARIOUSOn Christmas Night – a collection of beautiful carolsChoir of Merton College, Oxford / Nicholas
234January2015BBCMM379BACH JSCello Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008Rostropovich
234January2015BBCMM379BACH JSCello Suite No. 3 in C, BWV 1009Rostropovich
234January2015BBCMM379BACH JSCello Suite No. 6 in D, BWV 1012Rostropovich
234January2015BBCMM379HANDELZadok the PriestBBCNCW / BBCNOW / Søndergård
235February2015BBCMM380SIBELIUSFinlandiaBBC Scottish SO / Dausgaard
235February2015BBCMM380SIBELIUSSymphony 4BBC Scottish SO / Manze
235February2015BBCMM380SIBELIUSThe Swan of TuonelaBBC Scottish SO / Storgards
235February2015BBCMM380GRIEGPeer Gynt Suite 1: In the Hall of the Mountain KingBBCNOW / Søndergård
236March2015BBCMM381BEETHOVENSonata No. 11 in B flat, Op. 22Richter (piano)
236March2015BBCMM381SCHUMANNEtudes symphoniques, Op. 13Richter (piano)
236March2015BBCMM381CHOPINNocturne in F, Op. 15 No. 1Richter (piano)
236March2015BBCMM381DEBUSSYCloches à travers les feuilles (Images, Book 2 No. 1)Richter (piano)
236March2015BBCMM381STRAVINSKYThe Firebird: FinaleBBCNOW / Søndergård
237April2015BBCMM382BAXTintagelBBCNOW / Handley
237April2015BBCMM382ELGARSea Pictures, Op. 37Johnston / BBCNOW / Angelico
237April2015BBCMM382STANFORDSongs of the Sea, Op. 91Stone / London Chorus / BBCCO / Wordsworth
237April2015BBCMM382BRITTENFour Sea Interludes from 'Peter Grimes': StormBBCNOW / Søndergård
238May2015BBCMM383SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 10 in E minor, Op. 93BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
238May2015BBCMM383ADAMSShort Ride in a Fast MachineBBCNOW / Søndergård
239June2015BBCMM384POULENCConcerto for Organ, Strings and Timpani in G minorWeir / BBCSO / A Davis
239June2015BBCMM384TOURNEMIREChoral-Improvisation sur le ‘Victimae paschali’Weir (organ)
239June2015BBCMM384DURUFLÉRequiem, Op. 9Hughes / Finley / BBCNOW / BBCNCW / NYCO / T Fischer
239June2015BBCMM384MEREDITHConnect ItDrum Works
2310July2015BBCMM385TCHAIKOVSKYSymphony 4 in F minor, Op. 36BBCSO / Sargent
2310July2015BBCMM385MUSSORGSKYA Night on the Bare MountainBBCNOW / Søndergård
2311August2015BBCMM386BEETHOVENPiano Sonata 18 in E flat, Op. 31, No. 3 'The Hunt'Zhang Zuo
2311August2015BBCMM386BRITTENLachrymae, Op. 48 (Reflections on a song of John Dowland)Lise Berthaud (viola) / François Pinel (piano)
2311August2015BBCMM386SHOSTAKOVICHCello Sonata in D minor, Op. 40Narek Hakhnazaryan (cello) / Katya Apekisheva (piano)
2311August2015BBCMM386HOLSTThe Planets ('Mars')BBCNOW / Søndergård
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTCantus in memoriam Benjamin BrittenBBCSO / E Gardner
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTAdam’s LamentEstonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tallinn CO / K Järvi
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTThe BeatitudesBBC Singers / Farrington (organ) / Brough
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTTriviumFarrington (organ)
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTSummaBBC Singers / Brough
2312September2015BBCMM387PÄRTWhich was the son of...BBC Singers / Brough
2313October2015BBCMM388GRIEGIncidental music and suites from 'Peer Gynt'BBC Scottish SO / Lintu
2313October2015BBCMM388STENHAMMARSymphony 2 in G minor, Op. 34BBC Scottish SO / Lintu
241November2015BBCMM389BRAHMSViolin Concerto in D, Op. 77Haendel / BBCSO / Rozhdestvensky
241November2015BBCMM389BRITTENViolin Concerto in D minor, Op. 15Haendel / BBCSO / A Davis
242December2015BBCMM390BEETHOVENPiano Concerto 2 in B flat, Op. 19Lill / BBCNOW / Weller
242December2015BBCMM390BEETHOVENLeonore III Overture, Op. 72bBBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
242December2015BBCMM390BEETHOVENCoriolan Overture, Op. 62BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
242December2015BBCMM390BEETHOVENThe Creatures of Prometheus Overture, Op. 43BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
242December2015BBCMM390BEETHOVENEgmont Overture, Op. 84BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
243Christmas2015BBCMM391VARIOUSChrist is Born – Beautiful Christmas choral music form across the agesThe Queen's Six
244January2016BBCMM392BUTTERWORTHThe Banks of Green WillowBBCCO / Lockhart
244January2016BBCMM392BUTTERWORTHA Shropshire Lad – RhapsodyBBC Scottish SO / Manze
244January2016BBCMM392BUTTERWORTHTwo English IdyllsBBC Scottish SO / Manze
244January2016BBCMM392MacCUNNLand of the Mountain and the Flood, Op. 3BBC Scottish SO / Vanska
244January2016BBCMM392MacCUNNThe Ship o' the Fiend, Op. 5BBC Scottish SO / Brabbins
245February2016BBCMM393ARNOLDConcerto for guitar and chamber orchestra, Op. 67Shibe / BBCNOW / González
245February2016BBCMM393BACHPrelude, Fugue and Allegro in E flat major, BWV 998Sean Shibe (guitar)
245February2016BBCMM393VILLA-LOBOSConcerto for guitar and small orchestraShibe / BBCSO / Seal
245February2016BBCMM393DOWLANDForlorn hope fancyeSean Shibe (guitar)
245February2016BBCMM393MOMPOUCanço i Dansa No. 13Sean Shibe (guitar)
245February2016BBCMM393ALBÉNIZAsturias from Suite Española No. 1, Op. 47Sean Shibe (guitar)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGnossienne No. 1Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGymnopédie No. 2Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGnossienne No. 5Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGymnopédie No. 1Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGnossienne No. 3Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIEGymnopédie No. 3Anne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394SATIESports et divertissementsAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394HONNEGGERHommage à RavelAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394POULENCPastourelleAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394HAHNLe rossignol éperdu – Le Blanc SongeurAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394POULENCTrois mouvements perpétuelsAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394HAHNLe rossignol éperdu – FrontispiceAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394HAHNLe rossignol éperdu – HivernaleAnne Queffélec (piano)
246March2016BBCMM394POULENCConcerto for Two PianosQueffélec / Braley / BBCNOW / Llewellyn
246March2016BBCMM394MOMPOUCançó i Dansa No. 4Anne Queffélec (piano)
247April2016BBCMM395BARTOKViolin Concerto 2, Sz. 112Menuhin / BBCSO / Herbig
247April2016BBCMM395BRAHMSSonata for Violin and Piano No.3 in D minor, Op. 108Menuhin, Y / Menuhin, H
247April2016BBCMM395TCHEREPNINViolin Sonata, Op. 14Menuhin / Tcherepnin
248May2016BBCMM396SCHUMANNRückert SongsBevan / Bray / Murray / Williams / Kynoch
248May2016BBCMM396SCHUMANN R and CZwölf Gedichte aus 'Liebesfrühling'Bevan / Murray / Kynoch
248May2016BBCMM396SCHUMANNMinnespiel, Op. 101Bevan / Bray / Murray / Williams / Kynoch
248May2016BBCMM396SCHUMANN CRückert SongsBray / Kynoch
249June2016BBCMM397MENDELSSOHNSymphony 4 in A major, Op. 90 'Italian'BBC Scottish SO / Pintscher
249June2016BBCMM397MENDELSSOHNSymphony 1 in C minor, Op. 11BBC Scottish SO / Tausk
2410July2016BBCMM398MAHLERSymphony 9BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
2411August2016BBCMM399BEETHOVENString Quartet in D major, Op. 18 No. 3Apollon Musagète Quartet
2411August2016BBCMM399BRAHMSPiano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34Christian Ihle Hadland (piano) / Signum Quartet
2411August2016BBCMM399WEBERNLangsamer SatzApollon Musagète Quartet
2412September2016BBCMM400BEETHOVENSymphony 3 in E flat, Op. 55 'Eroica'BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
2413October2016BBCMM401KELLEY, MATTHEWAlleluia, I Heard a VoiceBBC Singers / Morgan
2413October2016BBCMM401CARPENTER, GARYDadavilleBBCSO / Oramo
2413October2016BBCMM401HARVEY, JONATHAN...towards a pure landBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
2413October2016BBCMM401RAVELOiseaux tristes (arr. Colin Matthews)BBCPO / Collon
2413October2016BBCMM401WEIRStars, Night, Music and LightBBC Singers / BBCSO & Chorus / Belohlavek
2413October2016BBCMM401ARNOLDFour Scottish DancesBBCCO / Wordsworth
2413October2016BBCMM401SAWER, DAVIDthe greatest happiness principleBBCNOW / Wigglesworth
2413October2016BBCMM401WEIRAll the Ends of the EarthBBC Singers / Endymion (percussion and harp) / Hill
2413October2016BBCMM401MCCABEJoyboxBBCPO / Mena
2413October2016BBCMM401SLATER, TAMMASLove and harmonyBBC Singers / Morgan
251November2016BBCMM402ADAMSShaker Loops (for string orchestra)BBCSO / Buckley
251November2016BBCMM402REICHThe Desert MusicBBC Singers / BBCSO / Eötvös
252December2016BBCMM403BACH JSThe Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 (arr. Mahan Esfahani)Academy of Ancient Music / Esfahani (harpsichord / director)
253Christmas2016BBCMM404VARIOUSA King's Singers Christmas – Festive music from across the agesThe King's Singers (with The National Youth Chamber Choir)
254January2017BBCMM405ORFFCarmina BuranaTynan / Clayton / Maltman / Choruses / BBCNOW / Litton
255February2017BBCMM406GLASSSymphony 10Aurora Orchestra / Collon
255February2017BBCMM406ADAMSThe Dharma at Big SurHanslip / BBCNOW / Stern
256March2017BBCMM407HAYDNSymphony 100 in G major, 'Military'BBC Scottish SO / McGegan
256March2017BBCMM407HAYDNSymphony 44 in E minor, 'Trauer' (Mourning)BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
256March2017BBCMM407MOZARTSymphony 51 in D major, K196/121(207a)BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
257April2017BBCMM408TALLISHonor, virtus et potestas Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408BYRDAve verum corpus Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408GIBBONSSee, see the Word is incarnateCanterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408CROFTWe will rejoice in Thy salvation Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408GREENELord, let me know mine end Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408BOYCEO where shall wisdom be found? Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408STANFORDThree Latin MotetsCanterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408PARRYI was glad when they said unto me Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408HARRISBring us, O Lord God Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408HOWELLSLike as the hart desireth the waterbrooks Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
257April2017BBCMM408LEIGHTONLet all the world in every corner sing Canterbury Cathedral Choir / Bawtree, Wearne (organ) / Newsholme
258May2017BBCMM409MAHLERSymphony 4Sampson / BBC Scottish SO / Runnicles
259June2017BBCMM410NIELSENSymphony 4, Op. 29 'The Inextinguishable'Halle / Elder
259June2017BBCMM410SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony 9 in E flat major, Op. 70Halle / Elder
2510July2017BBCMM411STRAUSS RAn Alpine Symphony, Op. 64BBCSO / Bychkov
2511August2017BBCMM412SCHUMANNPiano Trio in F major, Op. 80Eberle (violin) / Altstaedt (cello) / Piemontesi (piano)
2511August2017BBCMM412WEBERClarinet Quintet in B flat major, Op. 34Van Wauwe (clarinet) / Quatuor Van Kuijk
2512September2017BBCMM413SIBELIUSKullervoRusanen-Kartano / Torikka / Polytech Choir / BBCSO & Chorus / Oramo
2513October2017BBCMM414VARIOUSOpera Classics – Beautiful arias by Mozart, Haydn, Handel and RossiniVarious soloists, orchestras and conductors
261November2017BBCMM415RACHMANINOVPreludes Op. 23 Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8Sviatoslav Richter (piano)
261November2017BBCMM415RACHMANINOVPreludes Op. 32 Nos. 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12Sviatoslav Richter (piano)
261November2017BBCMM415SCRIABINSonata No. 9, Op. 68 'Black Mass'Sviatoslav Richter (piano)
261November2017BBCMM415PROKOFIEVSonata No. 4 in C minor, Op. 29Sviatoslav Richter (piano)
261November2017BBCMM415RACHMANINOVPrelude in C sharp minor, Op. 3 No. 2Elisabeth Leonskaja (piano)
262December2017BBCMM416BARBERViolin Concerto, Op. 14 (1939)Urioste / BBCPO / Daniel
262December2017BBCMM416BEACHRomance, Op. 23 (1893)Michael Brown (piano)
262December2017BBCMM416SMYTHConcerto for Violin, Horn and Orchestra (1927)Urioste / Frank-Gemmill / BBCNOW / Blendulf
262December2017BBCMM416GERSHWINIt ain't necessarily so (arr. Heifetz)Tom Poster (piano)
263Christmas2017BBCMM417VARIOUSGood Day, Sir Christemas (Contemporary festival choral music)BBC Singers / Farr (organ) / Mathias (organ) / Cleobury
264January2018BBCMM418BERNSTEINFacsimile – Choreographic Essay for OrchestraBBC Scottish SO / Volkov
264January2018BBCMM418BERNSTEINSerenade (after Plato's 'Symposium')Akiko Meyers / BBC Scottish SO / Volkov
264January2018BBCMM418BERNSTEINPrelude, Fugue and RiffsBBCNOW / Stern
265February2018BBCMM419SCHUBERTLiederAppl / BBC Scottish SO / Wilson
265February2018BBCMM419BRAHMSSymphony 4 in E minor, Op. 98BBCNOW / Søndergård
266March2018BBCMM420SHOSTAKOVICHConcerto for Piano, Trumpet and String Orchestra, Op. 35Paul Lewis / Nicholas Betts / City of London Sinfonia / Hickox
266March2018BBCMM420WEBERKonzertstück, Op. 79Paul Lewis / BBCSO / Otaka
266March2018BBCMM420LISZTAux cyprès de la Villa d’Este No. 2Paul Lewis (piano)
266March2018BBCMM420LISZTFunéraillesPaul Lewis (piano)
266March2018BBCMM420SCHNITTKEConcerto for Piano and String OrchestraPaul Lewis / BBC Scottish SO / Polianichko
267April2018BBCMM421DEBUSSY(15) SongsRoyal (sop) / Hughes (sop) / Spence (ten) / Riches (bass-bar) / Middleton (piano)
267April2018BBCMM421MOZART(6) SongsRoyal (sop) / Hughes (sop) / Spence (ten) / Middleton (piano)
267April2018BBCMM421MOZART(6) SongsRoyal (sop) / Hughes (sop) / Spence (ten) / Middleton (piano)
268May2018BBCMM422BACH JSSonata for Viola da gamba and Keyboard No. 1 in G, BWV 1027David Finckel (cello) / Wu Han (piano)
268May2018BBCMM422MENDELSSOHNCello Sonata No. 2 in D, Op. 58David Finckel (cello) / Wu Han (piano)
268May2018BBCMM422DEBUSSYCello SonataDavid Finckel (cello) / Wu Han (piano)
268May2018BBCMM422BRITTENCello Sonata in C, Op. 65David Finckel (cello) / Wu Han (piano)
269June2018BBCMM423ELGARCockaigne Overture, Op. 40 (In London Town)BBCPO / Mackerras
269June2018BBCMM423ELGARVariations on an original theme ‘Enigma’, Op. 36BBCPO / Mena
269June2018BBCMM423ELGARSonata for Organ in G major, Op. 28 (orch. Gordon Jacob)BBCCO / Handley
2610July2018BBCMM424RACHMANINOVSymphony 2 in E minor, Op. 27BBC Scottish SO / Dausgaard
2611August2018BBCMM425RAVELPiano Trio in A minor, M. 67Amatis Piano Trio
2611August2018BBCMM425HAYDNString Quartet in D, Op. 64 No. 5 ‘The Lark’Calidore Quartet
2611August2018BBCMM425MENDELSSOHNString Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80Calidore Quartet
2612September2018BBCMM426BENNETT RRSaxophone ConcertoHarle / Opus 20 / Stroman
2612September2018BBCMM426BENNETT RRReflections on a 16th-century tuneBBCCO / Dunn
2612September2018BBCMM426BENNETT RRMurder on the Orient Express – Suite (arr. David Lindup)BBCCO / Dunn
2612September2018BBCMM426MULDOWNEYSaxophone ConcertoHarle / London Sinfonietta / Zagrosek
2612September2018BBCMM426CLOWESThe Fox (from 'The Fox, the Parakeet and the Chestnut')Clowes / Walker / Simcock / Gourlay / Maddren / BBCCO / Rundell
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYO Love, they wrong thee muchThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYHome of my heartThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYSorrow and painThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYLove is a sicknessThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYThere rolls the deepThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYIn praise of songThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYHow sweet the answerThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYPhillisThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYMusic, when soft voices dieThe Carice Singers / Parris
2613October2018BBCMM427PARRYSongs of FarewellThe Carice Singers / Parris
271November2018BBCMM428PAGANINICaprice No. 1 in E major 'The Arpeggio'Jack Liebeck (violin)
271November2018BBCMM428PAGANINILa campanellaJack Liebeck (violin) / BBCCO / Wordsworth
271November2018BBCMM428PAGANINIMoto perpetuo in C major, Op. 11 (arr. for orchestra by Percy Pitt)Jack Liebeck (violin) / BBCCO / Daniel
271November2018BBCMM428YSAŸESolo Sonata No. 1 in G minor, Op. 27Jack Liebeck (violin)
271November2018BBCMM428TÁRREGARecuerdos de la AlhambraJack Liebeck (violin)
271November2018BBCMM428TCHAIKOVSKYValse-Scherzo, Op. 34Jack Liebeck (violin) / Katya Apekisheva (piano)
271November2018BBCMM428SAINT-SAËNSIntroduction and Rondo CapricciosoJack Liebeck (violin) / BBCNOW / Mangou
271November2018BBCMM428KORNGOLDViolin Concerto in D major, Op. 35Jack Liebeck / Ulster Orchestra / Watkins
272December2018BBCMM429MESSIAENQuartet for the End of TimeCollins (clarinet) / van Keulen (violin) / Watkins (cello) / Vogt (piano)
273Christmas2018BBCMM430VARIOUSLove Came Down at Christmas (Carols from Wells Cathedral)Wells Cathedral Choir / Cole (organ) / Owens
274January2019BBCMM431VIVALDIThe Four SeasonsAcademy of St Martin in the Fields / Iona Brown (violin / director)
274January2019BBCMM431HANDELConcerto Grosso in G major Op. 6 No. 1, HWV 319Academy of St Martin in the Fields / Iona Brown (violin / director)

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